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Tina Irving nee Marshall is your guide.  Her connections to Ireland are through 2nd and 5th cousins in County Tyrone, to Spain through living and working there for over 30 years, including spending a year in La Politecnica de Madrid as an ERASMUS student in 1995-1996.   She was a Corporal in the Queen Alexandra Royal Army Nursing Corps (Territorial Army) from 1972 to 1979, her regiment being 219 Wessex General Hospital.  Tina had the honour of accompanying  the Royal Irish Fusiliers to Chiclana de Frontera and the Battle of Barossa site in March 2019 to lay a new memorial stone.  She provided translation and interpreting services for the trip.  The group enjoyed the hospitality of the Mayor of Chiclana.

Regarding connections in the far north of Scotland, she lived and worked there for 16 years, and has an in-depth knowledge of the wildlife, flora and fauna in the area, forming the North Highland Way in 2008 with 40 local businesses.  You can read her book “Creating the North Highland Way” listed on the “Books” page.  The tour to the far north of Scotland takes you through some of the wildest country in the UK, if not Europe.  The train journey is definitely not to be missed.  Tina has taken the journey many times – even getting stuck in the snow on one occasion!

Tourism research project

Over the last three years, I have been researching historical and cultural links between Ireland, Scotland and Spain supported by three eminent local historians, David Hume, Richard Edgar and Ron Bishop, who each have their specific interests and are from different parts of Northern Ireland.  Dr David Hume works in the Gobbins Visit Centre on the North Antrim Coast and is a mine of information. Recently we agreed that LetsGoExploring is less of a tourism product and more of a heritage and cultural research project.

Dr. Ron Bishop is a specialist in Brigadier General Richard Kane and there is a small exhibition about his life in Carrickfergus museum.  Richard Edgar is from Armagh and is the guru on WWII matters and an ex Irish Fusilier.  He has written many books, and advised on Irish soldiers from Lurgan and the vicinity who were killed in the Spanish Civil War.  Of course, the Royal Irish Fusiliers won the Battle of Barossa in 1811.

In addition, Stephen Bradley of “Bout Yeh” advised some time ago that many people were not aware of the links and more of an educational route was required. Stephen is one of the best photographers in Ireland, and visits some of the great places which will be mentioned in our forthcoming e-magazines.

Military history, the International Brigade, the Spanish Armada, the Spanish Civil War….they will all be discussed in the quarterly e-magazine, compiled by Tina Irving, who lived and worked in Spain for over thirty years.   Here is just one of my  Blogs.

Dr. David Hume

Stephen Bradley