You might wonder what Belfast has to do with Spain.  There are lots of Hispanic attractions in Belfast – and Dublin, for that matter.  From excellent restaurants and bars, to markets selling Spanish related items, to tapas bars, to flamenco and salsa shows…and, believe it or not, art.

Belfast has strong links with Spain through the Spanish Civil War.  Many Irishmen fought in the Spanish Civil war and there is recognition of this all over city, and further afield, as well as other historical links. The parks are magnificent, and Belfast could easily get Green Destination status.

We have identified a wine supplier in Dublin who distributes THE most exquisite wines. They are totally different from the Riojas.  The vineyard in Spain is tiny but the quality of the wine is excellent.  We can organise  trips to Spain to taste it, providing discounted discounted accommodation, and even vouchers for lunches and a tour of the vineyard, with wine tasting.  Join us on our next tour.