Hidden around Northern Ireland in obscure places, we keep finding hordes of books which have been published, but never marketed and sold.

We are starting to do that now, and shortly there will be a full list of everything we have come across.

In addition, we have written “Creating the North Highland Way” and the “Battle for Brough Bay“, both related to matters in Scotland.

You can download the  booklist of the books at Brownlow House, Lurgan,  from here.

Books which I personally have for sale can be found here

You can get some great books on Amazon

This book is excellent – great reading… and read the reviews on line.


We are currently reviewing this as we are preparing “Scotland is not the UK”.



“Barry” is a special case, and a limited edition. Order by emailing us tinairving @ letsgoexploring.co.uk.  He travelled all around the UK, and on the North Highland Way.  Any sales from Barry’s book towards the development of the North Highland Way.