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Under the banner “Culturally Curious” as identified by Belfast City Council.

Cultural, heritage and environmental links between Scotland, Ireland and Spain. We are looking at “telling the story” as advised by Stephen Bradley of Bout Yeh… what a man.  Ace photographer and social media expert. He even managed to make me look glamorous!  He said, as did other people, that just because I know what I am talking about, it doesn’t mean everyone else does.  How true! This web site is therefore becoming  an on line magazine to tell the story.  Thanks Stephen.

Here are links to the  all the people who have helped over the last year or so, north, south and west…


Friends of the North Highland Way….www.northhighlandway.co.uk.

McEwan Fraser… no image, but great company!



Carrickfergus – Richard Kane exhibition. Backed by the irrespressible Ron Bishop

American and Irish Rangers museum in Brownlow House. 

Ulster Museum – tell us what you will find of Spanish interest your will find here and enter our quizzes.


Royal Irish Fusiliers… prepare to be impressed.  Don’t forget to go on the mystery tour! Thanks to local historian Richard Edgar. For this, and the one at Brownlow House.



Wine – the wonderful Riojas ..







The libraries at Carrickfergus (the French are landing) and Portadown (did a display for us during Spanish week in 2019.  We have Google Classrooms set up for language learning.

The Public Records Office of Northern Ireland who have collections from Libya and France, donated by Tina Irving.  Tina is now a consultant to InvestNI with specific responsibility for advising businesses wanting to invest in Libya as it opens up. See profile at LinkedIn.


Competa Town Hall

Villa Andalucia

Bentomiz Wines

Costa Women… of which we are Business Club Members

This is Spain



Green Destinations – the Green Academy.

Mullavilly Parish Church Links with Paraguay under the Hispanic theme.


Many others.  My Spanish friend Liv, my Mexican friend Gabriella, friends in Dublin, especially Robert E. Kearns, and the Inkslingers…the latter have given me many Saturday afternoons of enjoyment.  And above all, my friend and mentor Lise McGreevy, a brilliant documentary artist and fellow journalist.

The National Union of Journalists in Belfast, and the Irish Writers Centre in Dublin.


Watch our Events page for upcoming interests.


As from October 2019, we will be trained MacKenzie Friends.

Thanks to John Ison in Birmingham for his assistance with the court system in Northern Ireland.