The author, Tina Irving, spent several years in Libya.  Firstly from 1980 to 1982 working for Occidental of Libya, which was then under the guidance of Arnaud Hammer.  She worked in the engineering department as a secretary.  She spent a year in Dubai, then returned to Libya at the end of 1983.  Benghazi was bombed by the Americans in April 1984.  The British contingent were implicated as the planes used bases in England on the authority of Margaret Thatcher.  Tina then spent another four years there, until 1987 working for the Arabian Gulf Oil Company ( AGOCO) and learned Lotus Notes – her first encounter with computers.  Up until then the secretaries had typewriters.  However, it was only the Finance Department who had them at first.  Tina then returned to Libya again in early 1993 on a six month contract for Brown and Root, the civil engineers who had the contract to build the Great Man Made River project.  She she finally left in August 1993 and went to London South Bank University in October 1993, graduating with a 2:1 joint honours in BSc Computing and Spanish. There began her fascination with Spain which endured for well over 30 years.

Her first encounter with the Inkslingers produced an article about a red Ferrari….

Xmas in Libya

The Ferrari