Great trips to Loja – art and walking


Three Provinces week.

Rio Frio in Granada Province.

Not far from our base in Cuesta la Palma and between here and Loja is the small village of Rio Frio with a population of 300. It is famous for its organic fish farm and trout fishing has been recorded here as far back as 1664 although the family run fish farm started in 1964. As well as the trout farm, which is the back bone of the village economy supplying the 10 local restaurants and selling over 500,000 kilos of trout each year, Rio Frio has the first organic certified sturgeon farm in the world and the only farm to have the Southern European sturgeon thought to be extinct in the wild.

The village has an interesting information centre covering Trout, Sturgeon and caviar production and sometimes it is also possible to visit the fish farm laboratories.

The area is very beautiful and our walk begins from the central plaza by crossing the ancient roman bridge and heading up stream along the riverside track via ruined mills and the cross which marks the source of the river. From here we climb via a small tunnel to the road leading to VentadelRayo where we can stop for tapas at either El Buda or San Rafael bars.

After a short break we take a track down to the tiny hamlet of Atajea and cross the river to return to Rio Frio following olive grove and river bank tracks.bridge

Adventure Travel

Businesses between Loja and Competa whether the route to the coast, or across the mountains, can join the Competa Business Club.  Or if you have a business in the vicinity.