North Highland Way

The vision for the North Highland Way as a sustainable tourism route was born in 1992. There have been trials and tribulations for the only multi use route in Scotland and a new approach is now being mooted.

You can read about some of the trials and tribulations here

Meanwhile, you can buy the book Creating the North Highland Way here

 Ordnance Survey.

We worked with Walking World on the first phase, and are now striking out on our own with our sustainable tourism platform.
You can now enter your own walks here

You can purchase your “Passport” here.

Beginners Guide to the North Highland Way here

The route is planned to be the only multi use route in Scotland. For horses and cyclists as well. What we need now is for someone to ride the route on horseback and let us know glitches, as well as on a mountain bike! Anyone up for it?


If you want to join us on Strava… we have created our own club!

You can report Access Problems to the Highland Council here.

You must follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code