Terms and conditions

Our mascot, Barry, will come to visit your premises.

The LetsGoExploring card aims at offering tourists and residents various discounts at participating businesses in on this web site. Participation is free of charge for any type of business and we don’t charge any commissions; the discount is exclusively for the cardholders.


The discount

All participating companies decide for themselves which discount(s) they want to offer the cardholders. Discounts can be a given percentage, a given amount or a specific product. You can adjust the discount at any time and you can also offer a discount parallel with other promotions. Flexibility is paramount and we ensure that any adjustments needed are made within 24 hours.


The card and its facilities


By showing the LetsGoExploring card, the cardholder should obtain the discount as it is currently known to us. The card is equipped with a barcode, so if you are using a barcode scanner the resulting discount can automatically be registered in your cash register.

On top of that we offer the possibility to add a banner or coupon to our website. Cardholders can then use such a banner or coupon to obtain their discount. We can also publish an already existing flyer of your company.

Another option is to order personalized cards that can be used as a form of evidence that the customer has used the LetsGoExploring card. Cardholders have to fill in their name, cardnumber and sign the card. We only charge a small amount for the design and printing of personalized cards. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a proposal.


Online sales / webshops


Cardholders can choose to register their LetsGoExploring card. If a card is used for online ordering at participating webshops, it has to be registered with us in order to prevent abuse. If you offer online services or products for which LetsGoExploring card can be used, it is recommended to verify the cardholders’ name and card number with us. Simply send us an email and we will give you a confirmation (or rejection) on the legitimate use of the card.


The cardholders


When purchasing a LetsGoExploring, cardholders receive a printed list of participating companies and the currently offered discounts. They can also consult our website, where a daily updated list of participants can be found. Our website can be searched both by region and by provided services.


Free publicity


In addition to your personal announcement on our website in the regional section for the region where you are located and for the products or services offered by you, our mascot “Barry” regularly visits participating companies. Barry takes a picture and posts it on Facebook – with relevant information in both Spanish and English.


We sincerely hope that this overview has given you a clear insight in all the options and possibilities that LetsGoExploring can offer your company. In case you want more information, or if you have any questions about becoming a partner of LetsGoExploring, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You like to subscribe as a reseller and/or as a partner of the LetsGoExploring card? Please contact us for additional information.

We are working in partnership with the Andaluz Card




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