The Spanish Academy


Brownlow House in Lurgan has become the centre of the Spanish Academy, and, inadvertently, the Green Academy as well due to the fantastic gardens at the property, and of course, the wonderful Lurgan lake.  History as well – two museums, one of them with Spanish connections.  So has the WWII museum if you could “Guernica” painted by Pablo Picasso.

With tours from the Irish Fusiliers Museum in Armagh ending at Brownlow House – where better to go for tea afterwards.  You can pick up your tour at the Irish Fusiliers Museum and find the Spanish spots in Armagh.  Shortly, you will be able to do the same in Carrickfergus.

Meanwhile, as from 13th September 2019 on Fridays, we will be in Portadown, selling our books and bric a brac…. you might even see yours truly in a flamenco dress.

We are working on a tapas trail… if you want to know what tapas is, then you can go to Brownlow House and study an authentic book and vote for your favourites…

Do you want to follow the Spanish Armada?  Lurgan is nowhere near the route… but will shortly have two more trees planted there… the last two went walkabout!  We even have a quiz about the Spanish Armada… some of the questions courtesy of the Coastal Zone folk in Port Rush.

Learn to speak Spanish in Competa …films, music and language with native speakers.. Just ask.